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About Us
Little Gems PreSchool is a British owned nursery school following full British nursery curriculum. We believe in continual improvement and our school is regularly acquiring new equipment and books. Our staff are well qualified and highly experienced and our excellent adult:child ratio of 1:5 ensures that the children receive the attention they deserve. Our driving aim is to provide the very best for our children, and this remains to be the focus for everything we do.
Our Curriculum

Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which covers the six areas of learning, identified by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority for the Foundation stage of learning.

These six areas are:

Personal & Social Development

Nursery schools are ideal places to make friends and develop relationships with both children and adults. This special social environment is designed to be friendly and fun and involves working together, sharing ideas and experiences. Development of social skills is a major part of our programme, and by following a thematic approach to the curriculum the children are given plenty of opportunities for social interaction.

Knowledge & Understanding of the World

Collectively, the three classes study a different topic each term, which provides a wealth of opportunity for social interaction, language development and creative expression. Parents are encouraged to get involved by sending in objects of related interest, and discussing the themes and singing the songs at home. The topics usually culminate in a theme party, or, for the older children, a field trip to places of relevant interest.

Language and Literacy

To enhance language development the children enjoy regular group games, stories, and speaking and listening activities. The children actively participate in 'circle time' and are encouraged to discuss stories and predict the endings. The thematic approach teaches the children lots of new vocabulary, and learning the alphabet is made exciting and fun by using the LetterLand method. Each class has an extensive library, giving the children ample opportunity to look at books and to learn to handle them appropriately.

Physical Development

In order to develop Gross Motor Skills, the children are taught to move with control, co-ordination, confidence and imagination. This is achieved in a variety of ways through the use large toys and PE equipment, such as cars, bicycles, hoops and balls; and through regular dance and movement sessions. To develop fine-motor skills, our children are taught pre-writing patterns, and use a range of small (and large) pieces of equipment such as puzzles, child-safe scissors, play-doh and threading and lacing activities.

Counting skills, number recognition and measurement are developed with group-based activities and the use of practical apparatus such as as sand and water play and construction toys. The children are encouraged to learn by developing their problem-solving skills and mathematical language. Additional activities include matching, sorting, recreating simple patterns, and learning to recognise and describe basic shapes.
Creative Development

The children take part in a wide range of arts and crafts, using a variety of materials. This gives them the opportunity to explore colour, texture, shape and space. Creative development is also explored through imaginative role play, stories, dance and movement. The children take part in singing every day, and are taught new songs relating to the current theme. Musical instruments teach the children to recognise repeated sounds and sound patterns, and match movements to music.

For more details on our Curriculum policy, please click here (60K PDF document).
Additional Areas of Learning

Drama and Music: The children take part in dressing-up, acting, mime, music appreciation, singing, and the use of musical instruments. We particularly enjoy the weekly visit from our music, movement and dance teacher.

IT Skills: Each class has access to a computer and we have a great range of fun packed, educational programmes. The children learn how to control the mouse, and are introduced to several fun learning programmes.


Arabic Classes: Arabic classes take place on a daily basis with a Bahraini teacher, and are available for children of any nationality who wish to take part.

Special Needs: Children with special needs are welcomed at Little Gems, and are encouraged to integrate with the other children at all levels.

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