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School Uniform

In September, we will be introducing a uniform for all the classes at Little Gems. There are several reason behind this:

  • We feel that the time is right to give Little Gems a recognisable identity. This is particularly important due to future plans for expanding the school
  • Practicality. The children inevitably get paint, play dough, etc. on their clothes even with an apron on. The uniform is hard-wearing and washable and will save the children's own clothes from being spoiled
  • A uniform projects a smart image on School outings and for official photographs

The uniform has been designed to be comfortable and practical. It has been made with good quality material, yet it is still affordable. We have also designed it to be easy for the children to put on/take off, thus encouraging them to be independent and to manage the bathroom by themselves by the time the reach the Emerald Class. These are important Personal and Social SKills and also teaches fine motor skills for Physical Development.


The uniform will be as follows:


  • White cotton polo shirt with logo
  • Red and white gingham shorts
  • Red or white socks
  • Black, red or white shoes, trainers or sandals


  • Red and white short sleeved gingham dress with white collar
  • Red or white socks (or tights in Winter)
  • Black, red or white shoes, trainers or sandals.
  • Please note: No flip flops or high heels

Compulsory for both boys and girls

  • Red sunhat with logo
  • Red apron

The winter uniform is currently being finalised. Prices are also yet to be confirmed. Please watch this space for more information.

The uniform will be available from the Al Aali branch of The House of Uniforms. Please find details below:

Al Aali Complex
Showroom No. 1114
Gate 2
First Floor
Tel: 17581510
Best Viewed at: 800 x 600
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