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  " 'A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart'. In just such a way have you reached out to Alex since he started attending your school. We are quite sure that the time he has spent at your school will still have a great effect on his life for some time to come. We have seen him grow up and expand his knowledge at Little Gems, thanks to your help and understanding. Unfortunately the time has come for us to say goodbye. We shall truly miss you and can only pray that Alex will once again be part of such a caring and fun filled environment like yours. Thanks so much for the happiness you've bought us and the friends that our little Alex has made at school. Kind regards."
  Vic, Anna and Aleksander Dippenaar, added June 2006
  "Dear Grace. Many thanks for 3 wonderful years at Little Gems! Aoife has had great teachers every year whom she will always remember. These people and the ethos of the school have helped her be the girl she is today! Our heart felt gratitude to you all and look forward to Charlie joining in the near future. Lots of love."
  Orla, Austin and Aoife, added November 2005
  "To Ms Maggie and all her wonderful ladies. Many, many thanks for all your help and support in helping Mo to settle in at Little Gems. In spite of being there for such a short time, I know he has enjoyed it -and learned a lot and both of us will be sorry he is leaving. Best Wishes"
  Carole Ayas, added November 2005
  "Dear Miss Maggie. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and for all your hard work. I hope you have a great holiday. I will miss you."
  Love from Emily, added November 2005
  "Dear Grace. Thank you so much for all the support with Zoe. She had a great last year at Little Gems. Hope you have a great summer. Kind Regards."
  Carol, added November 2005
  "To Ms Elea. Thank you very much for making Adnan's last year at Little Gems so wonderfully memorable."
  Adnan and Mommy, added November 2005
  "Dear Miss Elea. Thank you so much for giving Toby such a happy year. We are delighted with the start Little Gems has given him and feel he is now ready for 'big school'. Having said that, I know he will miss you all enormously. Best wishes."
  Emma and Richard, added November 2005
  "Dear Miss Elea. Thank you very much for giving Annie a great start to her school life and helping her overcome her shyness! She's had a great time in your class. Best wishes"
Collette and David, added October 2004
  "To all my teachers at Little Gems. Thank you so much for looking after me over the past years. I will really miss being in this class next term. It has been a lot of fun. Enjoy these biscuits with your coffee!"
Toby, added October 2004
  "Dear Maggie. Just to say 'Thank you' for making Zoe's time with you so enjoyable and a fun place to be. She speaks about you all the time, especially your 'lovely long hair'! She will miss you. All the best for next year and enjoy your summer."
Carol Lutherland, added October 2004
  "Dear Miss Maggie. Thank you for being my teacher. I have had great fun and will miss you next year."
Love from Mia, added October 2004
  "To Miss Grace, Elea, Oonagh and all the Little Gems staff. Thank you for having me all this time and giving me love and care. I will always remember you wherever I am. Thank you so much."
Love from Sophie Wilkinson, added October 2004
  "Thank you, to all the teachers in Little Gems, from Miss Grace's class. It has been a wonderful experience, I have really enjoyed myself and enjoyed coming to school. You have taught me so many things. I will only have happy memories of your school. Thank you, a big kiss to every teacher."
Love Charlotte Aguiar, added October 2004
  "To Ms Grace. Thank you for a wonderful year. Zac has enjoyed his last year in Nursery and has grown in confidence. What a great start to his schooling life! Thank you once again."
Louise and Mounir Raarf + Zac, added 1st November 2003
  Dear Grace, Thank you so much for everything you have done for Katie,. It seems such a long time ago since I was too worried to ask you myself for a place for her in the school. She has made such progress over the past two years, and especially in the past year, a large part of which can be attributed to the love, care and attention that she has received at Little Gems."
Colette and David, added 1st November 2003
  "Thank you so very much for all the care and attention given to Clio during her time at Little Gems. She has had a ball over the last year at L.G. with all her projects, outings, parties and learning of course. You all deserve a huge amount of credit. Very many thanks."
Amber Burton, added 1st November 2003
  "Dear Mrs Grace, We thank you for the great year that Jean-Christophe had at Little Gems. He had the chance to discover the English language with lots of fun and joy. We are amazed and proud of his achievement."
Jean-Marc and Linda Riegel, added 1st November 2003
  "...What left us very impressed was the wide exposure that Sanaya got to many new areas of knowledge and activities. She returned home every day with so much to tell us...of new topics learnt, new songs and new skills. There never ever was a dull moment! We always admired the way you integrated the topics of learning with amazingly creative art and craft work, singing, cookery and field trips. In doing so, not only were the topics and concepts reinforced, but also the learning experience became more real, more fun and more rewarding for the children. This, along with the emphasis you place on the social and personality development of the children, contributed to making Sanaya's school life very complete..."
Sharon and Hubert Rau, added 2nd September 2003
  "Even though it was time for my daughter to move on to "Big School", we still asked if we could keep her here for another year! It would mean another year of certain happiness for her!"
Mrs Joanne Fadhul, mother of Yasmyn
  "Rory and I have never encountered such a wonderful happy learning environment! The diversity of activities and fun that the children experience are a tribute to Grace and her team. Most impressive!"
Mrs Jacqui Smith
  "Little Gems has provided our daughter, Mary-Kate, a warm, loving and challenging pre-school experience from which she has emerged happy, confident and ready to go on to "big" school. My husband and I are grateful for the love and encouragement Mary-Kate has received from all of her teachers and it is with great sadness that we say goodbye as she 'graduates'!"
Mrs Parkhurst
  "Salman likes his school, teachers and his classmates, especially his best friends. Salman likes to invite his classmates to his house. Thank you!"
Mother of Salman Al Shawi
  "Thank you so much for making's Isabella and Claudia 's first days such a happy, enjoyable experience. Keith and I are delighted with their progress and certainly could not have wished for a better start to their school life."
Catherine and Keith Nash
  "Dominic has loved his stay at Little Gems and goes to 'big school' with enthusiasm and ease. Thank you."
Sharleen and Damien
  "Many thanks for helping to make Caroline's formative years such happy ones. She has thoroughly enjoyed her time at Little Gems and we are delighted with her progress."
Lynn and Trevor
  "To Miss Grace. Thank you for being the best teacher I will ever have."
Love Charlotte
Little Gems PreSchool!
What a great start!
Making learning fun
With a goal to make us smart.
Laying good foundations
With tenderness, love and care.
What more could we ask for?
Thanks for being there!
Salah and Joe and Nur
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